Apply Online

Applications can be submitted online or an application can be downloaded, completed, and submitted via mail. Please note that non-US members must use the on-line option.

Apply Online

Your Name, Address, Phone and email details will be collected on the checkout page that follows (unless you pay by PayPal in which case they will be collected automatically). Please ensure this is completed these accurately so the membership application is processed promptly. Please note you do not need to have a PayPal account to use the PayPal checkout.

Multi-Year Memberships

Discounted multi-year membership packages are available. For a multi-year membership with first class mail option, select a multi-year option and then also 'buy' the 'one year first class mail' option from the regular option box. For prices on combinations not listed please contact the Membership Officer. Please note that overseas members have the option of a membership without receiving the magazine at the same rates as Regular Membership. Please pay using the Regular Membership options and notify the Membership Officer accordingly.

All memberships are subject to the constitution, bylaws, and code of ethics of the CC&GTCC.


Types of Membership and Membership Rates (all funds in U.S. dollars)

Life Member

Enjoys full membership privileges with no further annual dues. Regular members become eligible for Life Membership after completion of three or 10 years of membership.

One time age graduated fee equal to between 5 and 25 times the current Regular Member rate as stated in the Constitution.

Regular Member

Regular Member

$40.00 per year

Corporate Member

See Club Constitution for further information.

Cost to be determined

Foreign Member

Regular membership for those residing outside the United States. Includes first class mailing.

$55.00 per year

Associate Member

Must be related to a Charter, Regular or Life member. Associate members do not receive Casino Chip and Token News magazine.

$7.00 per year


Optional/Additional Fees

First Class Mail

CC&TN mailed first class to your home address. Without First Class Mailing, CC&TN is mailed third class.

$16.00 per year

Overseas Life Members

CC&TN mailed first class to your home address.

$30.00 per year

Download Application

If you do not wish to apply on-line, download an application print and send through the mail. Please note that non-US members must use the on-line option.

Any 'paper' payments must be in US dollars and drawn on a US bank.


To renew your membership, please visit the Renew a Membership page for more information.