For more information on how to participate in the auctions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Auction items that are listed as donated in the list (over 90%) been donated and the club receives 100% of the proceeds.

For instructions on how to bid, please see the terms and conditions at the front of the catalog.

South Point Hotel & Casino - 2023 CCA Auction results

Silent Auction Lots

LotDescriptionDonatedHammer Price
APair of AEP non-denoms, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba10.00
B$5 Aladdin, Las Vegas, NV50.00
C1 Atlantis NCV, Reno, NV15.00
D$5 Caesars Palace baccarat, Las Vegas, NV25.00
ECasino Cubano Asturiano, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba10.00
FSet of 3 Diamond Club illegal chips, New York, NY50.00
G$1 El Cortez, Las Vegas, NV15.00
H$10 Golden West, Mesquite, NV10.00
IGran Casino Nacional roulette, Havana, Cuba30.00
JGran Casino Nacional roulette, Havana, Cuba30.00
KGran Casino Nacional roulette, Havana, Cuba30.00
LSet of 6 Green Valley Ranch table 1 roulettes, Henderson, NV25.00
M£1, £2.50 & £5 Hard Rock London, London, UK30.00
N$100 Horseshoe Club, Reno, NV25.00
OLot of 3 notched Mirage prototype roulettes, Las Vegas, NV40.00
PMixed lot of 3 chips, Various15.00
QLot of 7 Nevada Club roulettes, Reno, NV15.00
R$25 Red Fox Casino, Laytonville, CA15.00
S50c University Club, Birmingham, AL20.00
T$5 Zimba's, Reno, NV75.00

Live Auction Lots

LotDescriptionDonatedHammer Price
1$5 & $25 Aladdin 2002 CC>CC commemoratives, Las Vegas, NV15.00
2$5 Aladdin, Las Vegas, NV20.00
3Set of 7 Aladdin $5 CC>CC commemoratives, Las Vegas, NV20.00
425c Al's, Las Vegas, NV60.00
5$500 Arizona Charlies race & sports notched Chipco sample, Las Vegas, NV20.00
6Pair of Agrupacion Artistica Gallega non-denoms, Havana, Cuba30.00
7$100 Atlantis, Atlantic City, NJ20.00
85 Bighorn NCV, Las Vegas, NV25.00
9$5, $25 & $100 Binion's Horseshoe notched samples, Las Vegas, NV30.00
10$5 Boardwalk Casino, Las Vegas, NV20.00
11100 Bourbon Street NCV, Las Vegas, NV15.00
12$5 Bowery Club, Las Vegas, NV70.00
13Lot of 8 BPOE crest & seal chips, Various20.00
14Cactus Pete's roulette, Jackpot, NV170.00
15Lot of 3 $20 Caesars AC chips, Atlantic City, NJ40.00
16$20 Caesars Palace baccarat, Las Vegas, NV55.00
17$25 Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV25.00
18500 Caesars Palace NCV, Las Vegas, NV20.00
19California Club roulette, Las Vegas, NV25.00
20Carl a Kroch crest & seal in blue, Chicago, IL20.00
21Pair of Carl Osborne personal chips, Las Vegas, NV10.00
22$100 Carousel, Las Vegas, NV60.00
23$5 Carvers Country, Smoky Valley, NV40.00
24$1 Casino de Capri, Havana, Cuba30.00
25$100 Casino de Capri, Havana, Cuba40.00
26$5 & $25 Casino de Capri, Havana, Cuba50.00
27CasinoTech test chips, Las Vegas, NV30.00
28$5 Castaways, Las Vegas, NV30.00
29$25 Center-Fold, Las Vegas, NV30.00
30Lot of 3 Chez Paree illegal club chips, Chicago, IL40.00
31The Chief green non-denom chip, Ely, NV60.00
32$500 Circus Circus chipco sample, Reno, NV40.00
33$100 Club Eldorado, Las Vegas, NV70.00
34$20 Copper Club, Battle Mountain, NV40.00
35Lot of 4 Copper Club roulettes, Ely, NV70.00
3610c Cosmo Club, Reno, NV45.00
37Set of 3 £10 Curzon House Club training school jetons, London, UK30.00
38Set of 10 Dal Negro sample jetons, Treviso, Italy30.00
39Pair of lavender Desert Inn roulettes, Las Vegas, NV50.00
40Pair of purple Desert Inn roulettes, Las Vegas, NV40.00
41Pair of red Desert Inn roulettes, Las Vegas, NV50.00
42Pair of tan Desert Inn roulettes, Las Vegas, NV40.00
43Pair of yellow Desert Inn roulettes, Las Vegas, NV50.00
44$1 Diamond Jim's, Jackpot, NV30.00
45$25 Diamond Jim's, Jackpot, NV30.00
46$5 Diamond Jim's, Jackpot, NV60.00
47$1 Don French's Bonanza, Las Vegas, NV40.00
4825c Dopey Norman, Lake Tahoe, NV70.00
49$25 Dunes Club, Las Vegas, NV160.00
50$5 Dunes Club, Las Vegas, NV130.00
5125c Eagle Club, Yerington, NV30.00
52$25 El Cortez, Las Vegas, NV40.00
53$25 El Rancho Vegas, Las Vegas, NV70.00
54$5 Eldorado Club, Henderson, NV45.00
55Elks Lodge 148th National Covention token, Austin, TX5.00
56Eagle River Elks Lodge medal, Eagle River, AK5.00
57Lot of 3 Empire Club crest & seal chips, San Francisco, CA25.00
58$50 Equipoise Club, Sacramento, CA40.00
59$1 Fan Tan Casino, Reno, NV30.00
60Flamingo Hotel pink table 3 roulette, Las Vegas, NV150.00
6125c Fortune Club, Las Vegas, NV20.00
62$1 Fremont, Las Vegas, NV30.00
63$25 Fremont NCV, Las Vegas, NV20.00
64$5 Fremont faro, Las Vegas, NV60.00
65£5 & £25 Gala Casino chips, London, UK15.00
66$100 George's Gateway, Lake Tahoe, NV55.00
67$100 Golden Bank Club, Reno, NV50.00
68$1 Golden Bubble, Gardnerville, NV120.00
69$5 Golden Bubble, Gardnerville, NV100.00
70Lot of 3 $25 Hard Rock chips, Las Vegas, NV80.00
71Set of 6 Hard Rock NCV's, Las Vegas, NV120.00
72Set of 4 Hard Rock roulettes, Las Vegas, NV190.00
73£1, £2.50 & £5 Hard Rock London + 3 roulettes, London, UK30.00
7450p, £1 & £5 Hard Rock Manchester, Manchester, UK20.00
75$100 Harold's Club, Reno, NV10.00
76Lot of 25 different Harold's Club roulettes, Reno, NV55.00
7710c Harrahs Reno & Lake Tahoe, Reno/Tahoe, NV25.00
78Lot of 3 Harrah's Club roulettes, Reno/Tahoe, NV50.00
79$1 Hawthorne Club, Hawthorne, NV10.00
80$25 Headquarters, Fallon, NV10.00
81$5 & $25 Holiday in Reno, Reno, NV50.00
82$5 Hotel El Rancho, Las Vegas, NV50.00
83$3 for $2 Imperial Palace, Las Vegas, NV35.00
8450c International, Las Vegas, NV50.00
85$1 Jerry's Nugget, Las Vegas, NV5.00
86Pair of Jessie Beck's Riverside non negotiable chips, Reno, NV20.00
87$5 Karl's Silver Club, Sparks, NV35.00
88$5 Karl's Silver Club poker chip, Sparks, NV25.00
89$1 Keith's Model T Truck Stop, Winnemucca, NV45.00
9025c Keith's Model T Truck Stop, Winnemucca, NV30.00
91$5 & $20 pair of Kellison & Poncia Cigar Store chips, Reno, NV60.00
9250c La Rue, Las Vegas, NV80.00
93$1 Lady Luck free play error chip, Las Vegas, NV10.00
9410c Las Vegas Club, Las Vegas, NV15.00
95$1, $25 & $100 Las Vegas Hilton notched samples, Las Vegas, NV60.00
96$500 Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, NV100.00
97$2 Launceston Casino, Launceston, Australia30.00
9850c Light House, Fernley, NV50.00
9925c Lyon Hotel, Yerington, NV55.00
100$5 & $25 Main Street Station millennium commemoratives, Las Vegas, NV40.00
101$100 Mapes, Reno, NV50.00
10210c Marina Card Room, Las Vegas, NV30.00
103$5 Marty's Carousel, Las Vegas, NV60.00
104$1m Matsui sample plaque, Tokyo, Japan40.00
105$25 MGM Grand Token, Las Vegas, NV20.00
106Lot of 4 MGM Grand roulettes, Las Vegas, NV15.00
107Pair of $5 MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV65.00
10825c Mint, Las Vegas, NV40.00
109Lot of 20 $1 Las Vegas & NV chips, Las Vegas, NV35.00
110Lot of 8 $5 Las Vegas chips, Las Vegas, NV60.00
111Mixed lot of 6 commemorative chips, Las Vegas, NV25.00
112Lot of 7 Toledo illlegal club chips, Toledo, OH10.00
113Lot of 12 $5 Nevada chips, Various, NV45.00
114Lot of 12 Nevada no cash values, Various, NV25.00
115Lot of 5 illegal club chips, Various20.00
116Mixed lot of 5 Caribbean, Various, Caribbean20.00
117$1 Monte Carlo, Lake Tahoe, NV40.00
118$5 Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, NV40.00
119Pair of $100 Nevada Club chips, Reno/Tahoe, NV50.00
120$1 New Frontier, Las Vegas, NV120.00
12125c Carson City Nugget, Carson City, NV70.00
12225 Orleans poker NCV, Las Vegas, NV25.00
123$2.50 Palace Club, Reno, NV20.00
124Lot of 6 different Palms missed blind & absent buttons, Las Vegas, NV15.00
125Pair of Palms Jimmy's 2007 speciality dice, Las Vegas, NV45.00
126Set of 3 Palms souvenir chips, Las Vegas, NV15.00
127Set of 4 Palms Stuff Magazine tourny NCV's, Las Vegas, NV40.00
128Set of 5 $5 Palms Playboy 50th anniversary in CD case, Las Vegas, NV25.00
129$500 Playboy backup chip, Atlantic City, NJ80.00
13050p Playboy Club London, London, UK20.00
131Playboy Club London one year anniversary chip, London, UK30.00
132$5 Poor Pete's, Reno, NV35.00
133Prospectors blue non-denom, Reno, NV30.00
134Prospectors red non-denom, Reno, NV50.00
135$5 Pussycat a GO GO, Las Vegas, NV160.00
136$25 Reel Deal, Las Vegas, NV15.00
137$100 Reliable chrome plated prototype, San Leandro, CA10.00
138$100 Reliable copper plated prototype, San Leandro, CA20.00
139$100 Reliable stainless steel plated prototype, San Leandro, CA25.00
140$2.50 Riverside Hotel, Reno, NV700.00
141$25 Riviera, Las Vegas, NV60.00
142$5 Riviera, Las Vegas, NV20.00
143$5 Riviera baccarat, Las Vegas, NV60.00
144$100 Rounders Miramax promo chip, New York, NY20.00
145$100 Rounders movie prop chip, New York, NY50.00
146$500 Rounders movie prop chip, New York, NY50.00
147Set of 5 Sahara commemorative plaques, Las Vegas, NV80.00
148Sal Sagev red blackjack chip, Las Vegas, NV240.00
149Sal Sagev yellow roulette, Las Vegas, NV85.00
1501, 5 & 25 Sam's Town ncv's, Las Vegas, NV10.00
151$1 Sands, Las Vegas, NV20.00
152$100, $500 & $1000 Sands baccarat no cash values, Las Vegas, NV40.00
153$5 Sans Souci, Las Vegas, NV30.00
154Set of 4 Siena no cash values, Reno, NV15.00
155$5 Sierra Lodge, Lake Tahoe, NV40.00
156$1 Silver Palace, Las Vegas, NV20.00
157$1000 South Tahoe Nugget souvenir, Lake Tahoe, NV25.00
158$100 Sparks Nugget, Sparks, NV130.00
159$25 Sparks Nugget, Sparks, NV95.00
160$25 Sparks Nugget, Sparks, NV200.00
161$25 Sparks Nugget, Sparks, NV30.00
162$25 Stagecoach, Beatty, NV20.00
163$1 Stardust, Las Vegas, NV60.00
164$5 Stardust, Las Vegas, NV35.00
165$7 Stardust silver strike, Las Vegas, NV20.00
166Lot of 3 $10 Stardust silver strikes, Las Vegas, NV50.00
167$25 Starr Warrick personal chip in green, Las Vegas, NV20.00
168Pair of Station Casinos card cappers, Las Vegas, NV20.00
169$25 Stockmens, Elko, NV40.00
170$5 Tahoe Village die cut chip, Lake Tahoe, NV60.00
171$25 Texas Station Martini Ranch GO chip, Las Vegas, NV20.00
172$100 Thunderbird, Las Vegas, NV25.00
173$1 Trenkle Casino, Las Vegas, NV35.00
174Tropicana Havana postcards, Havana, Cuba30.00
175$100 Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV20.00
176$1 University Club, Birmingham, AL50.00
177$5 Vegas World, Stupak's, Las Vegas, NV20.00
178Warner Bros. - Jack Warner personal chip, Beverly Hills, CA50.00
179$25 Westward Ho Ho-Waiian Luau commemorative, Las Vegas, NV40.00
180Lot of 7 Winners Inn roulettes, Winnemucca, NV140.00