The Club has certain logos and symbols which it must protect in order to protect its reputation in the collectibles community. No member is allowed to use the Club name, logo or symbol other than is approved by these bylaws or as otherwise specifically approved in writing by the Board of Directors.

  1. Only members in good standing may identify themselves as members of the Club.
  2. Any member who identifies himself/herself as a member must affix or state their membership number so as not to confuse the public.
  3. “Identifies” includes advertising, announcements, business cards, internet web sites, internet or live auctions, e-mails and any and all types of communication.
  4. Every member must make an effort not to confuse the public or lead the public to think that the member represents or speaks for the Club, other than those officers who actually do speak for the Club or those who have been authorized by the Board to speak for the Club.
  5. No event, show, auction or convention shall use the Club name, logo or symbol for any reason whatsoever unless it is an event, show, auction or convention run by the Club.
  6. Once the Board has approved a “Member’s Logo” which contains the member’s membership number, only that logo may be used by members in their advertising, promotion, business cards, auctions, etc.
  7. Any other use of the Club name, logo or symbol must be submitted to the Board of Directors for their approval prior to such use.
  8. The entities formerly known as “Chapters” are prohibited from using the Club name, logo or symbol as representative of their organization.