Ernie Wheelden

Ernie Wheelden

Ernie Wheelden has collected chips and gaming memorabilia for many years. Living in southern California, his involvement with the large California contingent of chip collectors and dealers is extensive. Similarly, his location has enabled him to be present at far more chip shows and flea markets where chips have been available than is the case in most other parts of the country.

His interest in what lay behind the chips themselves got Wheelden involved in researching the casinos that issued them. Eventually he began exchanging information with Michael Knapp, who was at the time writing his column “The Information Booth” for the Club magazine, and with Allan Myers. Wheelden suggested that they pool their information. That correspondence led to the formation of KMW Publishing Company, and the two books that Wheelden, Myers and Knapp have published: The Gaming Table and The Chip Rack. Both books have become standard reference works for the hobby.

Ernie and Jeanine Wheelden live in southern California.

Ernie was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000.

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