2016 CCGTCC Election Results


We, along with CCGTCC Members, Rick and Terri Lonski, counted the 2016 CCGTCC Election Ballots on June 16, 2016:


Total Ballots Received      186           

Voided                                  (2) [1 - No name; 1 - Expired membership]                                                                 

Counted                             184                                                                       


Vice President:

Joe Pavlik                            47

Jay Sands                          125                                   


Constitutional Amendment:

Yes                                     150                                   

No                                        26


Congratulations to Jay Sands.  The term for the Office of Vice President will be two years (2016 - 2018).


The CCGTCC Constitution requires 2/3 majority of valid ballots cast to approve an Amendment.  Therefore, the following  Amendment is approved with 85.2% “YES” votes.


Article 5:  Membership

E. Life Members: members in good standing age 25 or older who apply, after completion of their third full year of membership for permanent membership status, and whose applications are accompanied by payment  according to the following schedule.  Life Members are relieved from paying further annual dues, but must pay any magazine mailing charges above bulk mail if the Life Member desires such mailing enhancement.

Age 25-39: then-current dues times 25

Age 40-55: then-current dues times 20

Age 55+:  then-current dues times 15


Add the following:

After 10 years of continuous completed membership the following rates would apply:

Age 56-75: then-current dues times 10

Age 76+: then-current dues times 5


The ballots received represent 13.4% of the total CCGTCC membership of 1,383 as of 5/23/16.


Respectfully Submitted,


Bruce & Mary Ann Massey

CCGTCC Election Co-Chairmen