Sixteen (16) Valid Nominations were received by the January 14, 2023 deadline.  No Nominations were voided.


The following members received a minimum of two nominations from current CCA members, per the requirements, for the CCA Board of Directors’ positions shown. Richard Huber received one nomination for Membership Officer. 


The nominees’ responses of whether they accepted or declined their nomination are shown below:

President: James Hogg - Decline /
David Spragg - Accept / Jerry Vergatos - Decline 

Secretary: Jim Follis - Decline /
James Hogg - Accept / Jay Sands - Decline / Wendy Schultz  - Decline 

Membership Officer: Doug Balduini - Decline/ Steve Bedo - Decline / Pam Focazio - Decline  /
Jay Sands - Accept


Therefore, there is no need for a CCA Board of Directors Election.  The above elected BOD officers will be certified at the annual CCA Meeting on Saturday, June 17, 2023.


However, there is a Proposed Consitutional Amendment which requires a 2/3 majority of those voting to pass.  The ballot will be included in the Spring issue of CCN Magazine and will be posted on the Home Page of ccgtcc.com when the magazine is mailed.

Bruce & Mary Ann Massey, CCA Election Co-Chairmen